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For eighteen years, a small group of Americans has been building a relationship with a community of Masai people in the southern part of Kenya, in an area called Empukani. The friendship with Pastor Timothy and the community started with the construction of a small church way out in the bush. Since then, Pastor Timothy has planted 10 more churches in the area and seen many lives changed. The Masai people in this very remote area still live much the same way as they have for thousands of years, with no running water, electricity, or modern conveniences. Despite their rugged environment, they are a joyful, welcoming people who have embraced their American brothers and sisters with open arms.
In July of 2013 we took a group of 17 brave souls to Empukani. This was the largest trip to date, and the team was able to host a vacation bible school for 150 Masai kids, help with church construction, do some painting, and share God’s love by serving our African friends.




Short and Long Term Goals:

1. Feed the school children (170 kids) a hot meal every school day. Some of the kids walk 4 hours through the bush every day to attend school, and have nothing to eat for the day.
2. To start construction of two new church buildings.
3. To have an annual vacation bible school. 43 people were baptized at the end of the 2013 VBS.
4. To drill a well to provide clean water for the church, the school and the surrounding area of Empukani.
We would love to have you join us in this ministry, through prayer and financial support, but we would especially love to have you join us on a Go.Be.Hope trip to Kenya to minister to the Masai! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email us. Thanks for your interest and God bless.


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