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New Hope has the honor and responsibility to care for 21 precious children. All of our kids have been living in the home since at least 2002. They range in age from 8-16 years old. The main goal is to love these kids with the love of Christ, in faith that they will come to know Him as Lord. We hope to nurture, train, educate, and inspire them to become productive, self-sustaining adults who will serve their country for the sake of the gospel.


Field Workers

Scott and April Salvant from Virginia are the hands and feet in Porte Au Prince who run the children's home. The Salvant's and New Hope Haiti Mission have great expectations and vision for the kids. We feel that these children are the next generation of leaders. Their hope for these children is that each child has a loving home where they feel valued, to disciple the kids so that they come know and love Jesus, that they are educated to the highest potential (college or trade school), that they have the training and life skills that will be beneficial to a productive life in Haiti (mechanics, sewing, farming, entrepreneurship, etc...), and that they honor their surviving family in Haiti.

Upcoming Trips

More information coming soon...